MIAX Options Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans Testing - Member Designation Standards

As required by Regulation Systems Compliance and Integrity and MIAX Options Rule 321, certain Members of MIAX Options will have mandatory participation requirements in the annual SIFMA Business Continuity Planning Disaster Recovery (“BC/DR”) test.  MIAX Options will be leveraging the annual industry-wide BC/DR test to fulfill this requirement.

Within fifteen (15) calendar days following the end of the measurement quarter MIAX Options will provide notice to qualifying Members that will have a mandatory BC/DR testing participation requirement. The measurement quarter is defined as January 1st through March 31st each year.

Please refer to MIAX Options Regulatory Circular 2017-60 for more information on designation standards and requirements for Designated Members.

Regulatory inquiries should be directed to or (609) 897-7309.

Please direct any requests for further information regarding MIAX Option’s BC/DR plans testing to or (609) 897-7302.