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MIAX® Options, MIAX Pearl® Options and Equities, and MIAX Emerald® provide Ultra-Low Latency network connectivity to completely diverse trading platforms, market data distribution systems, financial services, disaster recovery and test facilities through the MIAX Express Network Interconnect. The MIAX Express Network Interconnect (MENI), is an infrastructure comprised of Low Latency and Ultra Low Latency (ULL) solutions offering access to all MIAX services within the data center across a variety of high speed network interfaces.

MIAX provides latency equalized connectivity to all of its Options and Equity Exchanges regardless of the connectivity selected. A combination of 1 Gigabit, 1 Gigabit Ultra-Low Latency, 10 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ultra-Low Latency connections are offered depending on Exchange platform. MIAX's primary data center facilities are collocated with Equinix at NY4 in Secaucus, New Jersey. MIAX's disaster recovery data center, collocated with Equinix at CH4 in Chicago, Illinois, offers 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit connectivity options for the family of Options exchanges and 1 Gigabit ULL, 10 Gigabit ULL options for the MIAX Pearl Equities Exchange.

MENI provides flexible connectivity options and locations that provide individuals the ability to create solutions uniquely suited to fit their specific business needs and recovery requirements. MIAX High Performance Data Centers, collocated with Equinix, offer ultimate choice and neutrality for selecting appropriate access methods, Telecommunication Carriers or Extranet Service Providers for establishing MENI connectivity. MENI supports primary, secondary and or numerous primary or secondary connections for member network or direct-attached host based systems tailored to meet individual requirements of enterprise specific configurations. MIAX recommends participants establish connectivity to both data centers to ensure continuity should the primary facility incur a disruption of service.

To learn more about connectivity to MIAX please review the MIAX Connectivity Guide:

Contact TradingOperations@MIAXOptions.com or TradingOperations@MIAXEquities.com to initiate the connectivity process or for any connectivity questions.

MIAX Exchange Group Technology Review Sessions

MIAX Exchange Group members and non-members connected to or considering connecting to a MIAX Exchange can arrange for appropriate technology experts to provide an in-depth review of the trading systems infrastructure, processing and interface specifications by contacting TradingOperations@MIAXOptions.com or TradingOperations@MIAXEquities.com.