MIAX PEARL sets new daily market share record of 2.29% in September achieves record 1.96% of OCC national volume for the month
MIAX Options Exchange Launches Complex Crossing

MIAX Options Exchange enhances its complex order system with the addition of Complex PRIME, Complex C2C and Complex QCC functionality.


MIAX Complex PRIME fees

MIAX Options Adds Support for New Mass Cancel Message Feature and High Priority Mass Cancel Port
Miami International Holdings, Inc. Partner LedgerX becomes CFTC Approved Derivatives Clearing Organization and Swap Execution Facility for Digital Currency Derivatives
MIAX Options Exchange Enters into 2017 Equity Rights Transaction

MIAX Options Exchange has entered into a 2017 Equity Rights Transaction with Exchange Members Barclays, Citadel Securities, IMC, Morgan Stanley & Co., Optiver US, Susquehanna Securities, Timber Hill, and Wolverine Trading

Press Release

MIAX Infrastructure and Latest Performance Numbers

The average latency for a single quote is 15.89 microseconds for a full round trip 
  • At the 99th percentile, the average latency is 23.11 microseconds 
  • At the 99.9th percentile, the average latency is 45.44 microseconds 
MIAX Option’s unparalleled system throughput is in excess of 38 million quotes per second. 


Operating Normally