MIAX Complex Order Interface and Fact Sheet

Complex Interface Specification Alert
MIAX Complex Orders is scheduled for Q2 2016, pending SEC approval.Please contact MIAX Trading Operations at TradingOperations@MIAXOptions.com or (609) 897-7302 to arrange interface testing. For additional information please contact Sales at Sales@Miaxoptions.com

MIAX Announces Launch of 40G Backbone and 10G ULL Connectivity

MIAX now offers 10G Ultra Low Latency customer connectivity to all exchange participants. To arrange for new or upgraded connectivity
contact MIAX Trading Operations at TradingOperations@MiaxOptions.com or (609)897-7302 

Core Upgrade 10G ULL Details

Announcing 2016 Data Center Migraton Plans

Review summary of MIAX Options and MIAX PEARL 2016 data center migration and latency equalization plans.

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