MIAX Top-of-Market Update

MIAX Top-of-Market (ToM) data feed, version 1.7 Interface Specification has been released. This release includes 1) Underlying Trading Status Notification, 2) Multiple MPV Trading (Multi-Tick) and 3) Support for MIAX PRIME Auctions.

MIAX Interface Specifications

MIAX Options Interface Specifications Updates

Interface Specifications are now available for the MIAX FIX Order Interface (FOI), MIAX Express Interface (MEI) and Clearing Trade Drop (CTD) to support MIAX PRIME. Updates are available for testing in the Firm Test Bed #2 (FTB2) environment.

MIAX Interface Specifications

MIAX Options Adds 105 new Option Classes

MIAX Options now lists and trades options on the majority of the top 1200 multiply listed classes, as measured by ADV. On Monday June 23, 2014, MIAX listed an additional 105 classes, bringing the total number of classes listed on MIAX Options to over 1200.

Classes Listed on MIAX

Market Snapshot
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