Miami International Holdings Reports February 2019 Trading Results for MIAX Exchange Group; SPIKES Volatility Trading and MIAX Emerald Launch
MIAX Emerald Successfully Launches Trading Operations
SPIKES Options Launched on MIAX

MIAX Options Executes Strategy to Transform Market as First True Competitor in Volatility Space

Press Release

MIAX Options Wins for Most Innovative Exchange Technology at Fund Technology and WSL Awards 2019
Court Grants MIAX's Motion to Stay Entire Nasdaq Litigation

MIAX Infrastructure and Latest Performance Numbers

The average latency for a single quote is 15.89 microseconds for a full round trip 
  • At the 99th percentile, the average latency is 23.11 microseconds 
  • At the 99.9th percentile, the average latency is 45.44 microseconds 
MIAX Option’s unparalleled system throughput is in excess of 38 million quotes per second. 


Operating Normally