Miami International Holdings Reports 2018 Trading Results for MIAX Exchange Group; MIAX Exchange Group Sets New Market Share and Volume Records
SEC Approves MIAX Emerald Exchange; February 22, 2019 Launch Expected
Court Grants MIAX's Motion to Stay Entire Nasdaq Litigation
PTAB Grants 100% of MIAX’s Invalidity Petitions Against Nasdaq Patents
MIAX Options to List and Trade Options on SPIKES™ Index, Emerging as New Competitor in Volatility Market 

MIAX Infrastructure and Latest Performance Numbers

The average latency for a single quote is 15.89 microseconds for a full round trip 
  • At the 99th percentile, the average latency is 23.11 microseconds 
  • At the 99.9th percentile, the average latency is 45.44 microseconds 
MIAX Option’s unparalleled system throughput is in excess of 38 million quotes per second. 


Operating Normally