MIAX PEARL Successfully Launches Trading Operations

MIAX PEARL, the newest U.S. equity options exchange successfully launched trading operations on February 6, 2017. MIAX PEARL is the second exchange of the MIAX exchange group following the launch of MIAX Options in December 2012 by its parent holding company Miami International Holdings, Inc. (MIH).

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MIH Announces Strategic Investment in Ledger Holdings

MIH’s Investment secures exclusive product licensing rights for digital currency derivatives trading with LedgerX and future collaborative opportunities. LedgerX is currently seeking regulatory approval from the CFTC to trade and clear options on bitcoin. 

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MIAX Options Complex Orders Available in All Symbols

MIAX Options Exchange now offers Complex Order functionality in all symbols traded on the Exchange. The MIAX Complex Order System leverages one of the options industry’s fastest and most reliable technology platforms to provide for the simultaneous execution of multi-leg orders on a single underlying symbol.


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Miami International Holdings, Inc. Reports March 2017 Trading Activity for MIAX Options and MIAX PEARL

Miami International Holdings, Inc. today reported the March 2017 trading activity for its two fully electronic options exchanges – MIAX Options and MIAX PEARL (together, the MIAX Exchange Group). The MIAX Exchange Group collectively executed over 20 million contracts in March 2017 for a combined average daily volume (ADV) of 873,788 contracts, representing a total U.S. equity options market share of 6.10%

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MIAX Announces Infrastructure Upgrade and Latest Performance Numbers

The average latency for a single quote is 15.89 microseconds for a full round trip 
  • At the 99th percentile, the average latency is 23.11 microseconds 
  • At the 99.9th percentile, the average latency is 45.44 microseconds 
MIAX Option’s unparalleled system throughput is in excess of 38 million quotes per second. 

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