MIAX Options Exchange - Update to the MIAX Order Feed (MOR) Interface Specification - Mandatory Change

The MIAX Options Exchange has just released an updated Interface Specification for the MIAX Order Feed (MOR)

MIAX Order Feed (MOR) v2.2 (Required Change):
  • Simple Order Message - this message will now support Derived Orders (Simple Orders derived from eligible MIAX Options Complex Orders). The Origin field will have an additional value indicating the existence of a Derived Order. Also, a new field has been added using existing reserved bytes to indicate the Priority Customer Volume represented by the Derived Order.
  • Order Close Message - this new message will be used to disseminate Order Close state for MIAX Options Simple and Complex Orders. The existing Simple Order Message and the Complex Order Message will be used only for Order Open state.  This change is intended to reduce the bandwidth impact on the MOR feed as a result of introducing Derived Orders.
MOR consumers will be required to make the necessary changes.
Important Dates
  • Firm Test Bed 2 (FTB2) will be available on November 6, 2017.
  • The production rollout is scheduled to begin in the 1st quarter, 2018. The specific date will be announced in a future alert.
Updated MOR specifications are currently available for review at MIAX Options Interface Specifications.

Please contact MIAX Trading Operations at or (609) 897-7302 to discuss any specific issues and to arrange interface testing.